EDC Guidelines


Attendance requirements 

  1. All rehearsals are required.

I apologize that I can no longer consider everyones schedule. Too many conflicts and too little shared open time between dancers prevented a lot of complete rehearsals. I will do my best to choose rough times for each team, and keep that throughout the season so that they may plan accordingly.

2. Unavoidable conflicts

Please inform me ASAP of any unavoidable conflicts. Please choose these carefully. If a dancer has too many conflicts, there may be too many rehearsals missed and sadly, perhaps you cannot make this commitment.

3. Rehearsal times

All rehearsals will be weekends and school vacations (I will keep in mind our dancers attend different schools and therefore sometimes have different vacations)

4. Those that miss rehearsal could possibly have limited stage time, or be replaced.

Due to excessive absenteeism last season, I must instill this rule. When one dancer misses a scheduled group rehearsal it puts a strain on the entire group. I will choose understudies and they will compete in the dancers place if I feel they are not prepared properly.

5. Any dancer who is not in good attendance standing in their intensive classes will be removed and replaced from all EDC pieces.

Per Ms. Tammy, rules of NSDA intensive program. Each dancer has a MAXIMUM of 6 missed classes. As soon as a dancer misses the maximum classes she cannot attend EDC rehearsals (or any specialty rehearsals) and will immediately be replaced. She will be reinstated once her classes are made up, providing there is enough time to rehearse.

6. Each piece must have complete attendance the last rehearsal before performance/competition. If there are missing dancers, the piece may be pulled from competition without refunding fees.

This rule is not to punish, but to prevent. We cannot put our best on the stage without ALL our best AT their best. The last rehearsal must include all dancers, full out for the entire rehearsal.  Again, the priority is with this company.

7. Any injured dancer must have full medical clearance and be able to dance FULL OUT one full week before performance/competition, or they will be replaced.

I do not feel comfortable with dancers who have not stretched, jumped, or even walked normally performing on a stage, using muscles that have been relaxed, possibly further injuring themselves. Missing one competition is a small price to pay to heal properly.  

How the casting process works:

  1. After I receive all dancers papers requesting interest, I look to see how many pieces they would like to be considered for, and then try and cast each piece to each dancers strengths while keeping the style and the group size in mind. I try to keep the rule of “no dancers may compete against oneself” in mind. In other words, we already have large groups, so we cannot have additional large groups within the same style.
  2. I consider past attendance history in their technique classes as well as any absences during small group or solo rehearsals when deciding upon the number of pieces each dancer will be cast in. I don’t want to overburden any dancer, as well as insure rehearsals are complete with ALL dancers. 
  3. Understudies will be cast for each piece. If I feel a cast member is having difficulty with this commitment, and a change must be made, the understudy will be cast and the original member will be replaced.  
  4. All casting decisions are final. These pieces are all carefully casted for the best possible outcome: to portray the most accurate vision of the theme of each piece, and to showcase and challenge each dancer within them.  

Code of Conduct:

All Eastern Dance Company members are humble, respectful, team members. Each dancer understands completely the purpose of these pieces. Repeating, these are not at all ‘the best’ dancers, these are the dancers that choose to dedicate their time to this project whole heartedly. They are grateful and eager dancers. They trust my theory and my training, as well as trust that I only have their best interests in mind, and they would never speak, type, tweet, facebook, instagram, snapchat or text anything hurtful, boastful, or just down right mean to or about anyone.... ever.

At competition, each dancer will support every NSDA dancer by attempting to watch all competition routines they can, will stay until the end of the awards ceremony, paying close attention to the MC and representing NSDA and EDC as a humble and grateful dancer, and say ‘thank you’ to all the teachers, parents, and adults who gave their time to support them and their dancing.